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An All Too Common Misconcenption Mold is NOT Only Dangerous to People Woo Are Allergic

MacFawn Fire & Flood Restoration - Thursday, February 18, 2016

It's not often that we at MacFawn Fire & Flood utilize this blog in the traditional sense of blogging; in terms of opinion as it pertains to fact and debate as it pertains to content. We recently attended a professional development course in mold. Interestingly, despite representation by a (number of) member(s) of the scientific community, there still existed a substantive void in terms of information about the true nature of the toxicity of mold.

Aligned with the position of the CDC, mold has - for a very long time been considered by health care professionals and civilians as being a substance that is merely an allergen; only affecting those who are allergic. In recent years however, a body of research has surfaced in scientific literature that points to mold as being perhaps one of the single MOST UNDERSTUDIED public health antagonists in the world because of the deadly effects of mold's byproducts, mycotoxins.

It came as no surprise to hear a member of the scientific community characterize mold as being harmless. However, in light of recent legislation in New York State, it seems as though we have a long road ahead for educating the community about the potential long term effects of mold on human health.

It is important to remember that the Center for Disease Control does characterize mold as being dangerous to the young, the old and the immunocompromised. But it is critical to recall that mycotoxins (created and secreted by mold continuously) are characterized by the CDC as being deadly. Some mycotoxins are human carcinogens! While mold and mycotoxins (a.k.a. endotoxins/ bio toxins) are technically two separate substance classifications, they are most certainly not mutually exclusive.