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Fire Damage

image of fire damage in a kitchen

Fire damages everything it touches and more. Expert knowledge is what allows MacFawn to restore your home properly.

The aftermath of a fire can be daunting. Basic needs can seem like impossible chores. Calling a MacFawn Enterprise's specialist can help get one through what may seem like the worst of times. Knowing the right steps to take can reduce the effects of fire and smoke damage before they set and become, permanent.

image of expert furniture restoration process after fire

Fire touches everything in your home. MacFawn utilizes a systematic furniture restoration process that is second to none.

First, our team begins with a careful room by room survey and analysis to determine the appropriate cleaning and restoration services. Then we properly clean and deodorize every area including: carpets, drapes, upholstered furniture and contents. Limited smoke damage is most often removed quickly on location. In most cases, fire is put out with water, leading to a potential host of new problems. MacFawn Enterprises is experienced in dealing with the additional problems caused by a fire including: board up services, smoke and water damage. Our professionals understand the personal nature of restoring a home or business and work hard to return items to their original place and condition.

Once the fire department responds to a call, they have the responsibility of maintaining control until the risk of fire is gone. From the moment the fire department releases your home or business back to you, MacFawn Enterprises can help navigate the entire process. We can help with the immediate steps that may end up preventing future damage and maximizing insurance benefits. Our staff also understands and accommodates the basic commodities that one lacks immediately following the devastation of their home. The sooner a MacFawn Enterprises specialist is on the job, the closer one is to returning to everyday life.

Image of a Professional HEPA Filtration Machine

Fire Damage often leads to other problems. Air quality restoration is vital.

We have been providing Restoration and Repair services for over 25 years. Many of our customers come from referrals of our past customers. We pride ourselves on our past work. We set ourselves apart with our expert staff. Our team includes trained plumbers, electricians and carpenters. Our competitors often hire hourly employees with limited training. In the critical timeframe immediately after damage has occurred to your home or business, leave nothing to chance. Call our direct line right now at 518-785-6719 and we will begin assisting you immediately.

Our Locations

MacFawn Fire Fire and Flood Restoration is located in New York State. Our main office is in the Capital District of Albany, in the town of Colonie. We also provide services throughout the United States when disasters occur. Learn more about our coverage areas and the services we provide.