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384 Foot Tall Vertical Forest Sweeps Swiss Architecture

MacFawn Fire & Flood Restoration - Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stefano Boeri, Italian Architect extraordinaire has designed the first of its' kind, vertical forest that is integrated into the architectural foundations of a building has another project underway in Switzerland. Boeri's first vertical forest integration was constructed in Milan last year for the first time ever. In the works now, is yet another 384 ft tall apartment structure that will be home to 100 evergreens, 6000 scrubs and 18,000 small plant species that will be planted throughout the structure to enhance both the interior and exterior of the structure.

The beauty of nature meets contemporary design in many ways in architecture. Through a lens of environmental pollution, one cannot help but to ponder the issue of mold growth and frequency in which these lifeforms must be fed water, fertilizer and the like to be sustained. As such, what will the long term health effects be of the residents in the structure(s)? 

Vertical gardening has been a growing topic in permaculture and urban gardening for a long time now. But with all of the issues that ensue upon the rendering of an environment as having more moisture than average, the long term effects of residents in such buildings remain to be seen. In theory, the conscilience of vertical agriculture, modern architecture and sustainable design is beautiful, but in application somewhat precipitous.