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Host A Wildwood Family for the Holidays

MacFawn Fire & Flood Restoration - Friday, November 13, 2015

MacFawn Fire and Flood Restoration is pleased to announce that after much consideration, we are sponsoring the Wildwood School's program students and residents this holiday season! There are lots of programs in the Capital Region that you can help with too!  There are so many families suffering in this economy in which we live and thrive and each year, many agencies put together programs to help these families through the holiday seasons. Children's lists to Santa are sent to donor families that will accept them, who then go out and shop for these items, wrap them and return them to the agency or the individual if they would like. 

Wildwood's families and students are in need of support, which is why we are going to help! Wildwood School provides comprehensive educational programming for students with developmental disability, autism spectrum, neurological impairments, profound learning disabilities and more with education and training to become as independent as possible. In the summers, they provide children with a summer camp full of activities and great leadership to continue their individualized educational programs throughout the summer. Wildwood goes wildly unnoticed, but provides a profoundly significant significant positive impact to the lives of developmentally disabled citizens throughout the Capital Region. 

We would love if if you too become more involved and when we launch our Go Fund Me Page, Go Fund Wildwood This Holiday, that you too consider the impact you might have by making a donation to their program this holiday season. There are residences throughout the region that house Wildwood Students, Summer Camp Needs and Educational supplies that they could use to get through the upcoming years! If you would rather donate directly, you can donate HERE