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How Mold Can Affect Your Health

MacFawn Fire & Flood Restoration - Thursday, November 05, 2015

It's relatively common knowledge that mold has been found to have strong correlations with Asthma, Bronchitis and many other illnesses, but other than the obvious pathway that mold can travel and physically interrupt biological activity, there is a much stronger force at work in concert with simply having physical exposure to mold.

Mold is a type of fungus that lives and breathes as any life form does. As such the biological function of mold in terms of excreting waste is the crux of why mold can be so dangerous to have in your environments. The by-product or waste of mold spores are toxins that are well known immune suppressants. This means that not only does the mold itself cause a disruption in your respiratory function, but the toxins that it makes as a result of it's own metabolic state is a secondary substance that is even more ominous than the first. Over time, the exposure leaves nothing but a bleak prognosis for those who live in the presence of mold (whether they are bothered by it physically or not).

Here are just a few of the reasons you should stay away from Mold or call in a professional to help if you see it going in your home. Professionals will contain the area(s) so as not to spread it around the house or structure and help protect you and your family against the grim effects of direct exposure. The following are well know correlates to being exposed to aflatoxins:

          • Mental impairment
          • Abdominal Pain
          • Vomiting
          • Convulsions
          • Edema
          • Pulmonary Edema
          • Hemorrhaging
          • Disruption of food digestion, absorption or metabolism
          • Coma
          • Death
          • Liver Damage
  • Growth and development impairment 
  • Liver cancer due to DNA mutation caused by aflatoxins

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