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Mold Detoxification How to Remove Harmful Mycotoxins From Your System

MacFawn Fire & Flood Restoration - Monday, December 28, 2015

 Once you've been exposed to mold, it's important not only to remediate the mold from your home(s) and business(es), but to remove it from your system as well. Mold's mycotoxins, biotoxins and endotoxins have a great propensity to 'hide' within cells, thus rendering them difficult to test for and identify with standard laboratory examinations. Dr R. Shoemaker has been a pioneer in both identification of biotoxin pathways in the body, but also in formulating treatment regimines for those who have been exposed to toxic mold using mycotoxin binders. 

Mycotoxin binders are substances that have a great propensity to detox the system of harmful environmental toxins via the GI tract. By ingesting binders such as chlorella, fruit pectin, clay and food grade charcoal (all available at your local healthfood store), one can essentially detox their system using these substances (among many others) by ingesting prescribed amounts (under the care of a trained  practitioner) which will in effect, bind the harmful mycotoxins to itself and exit the body via natural digestion processes. 

For obvious reasons, substances such as clay and food grade charcoal must be consumed in small (and explicitly recommended) amounts so as not to interfere with natural digestive processes. Chlorella has been well evidenced not only to work well as a mycotoxin binder, but also as an anti-inflammatory and detoxifer for many other harmful internal pollutants. Fruit pectin, like chlorella has also been evidenced to have a great propensity to remove heavy metals from the system and has been used in alternative medicine for treating cancer.