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Mold Testing With Home Testing Kits

MacFawn Fire & Flood Restoration - Thursday, November 12, 2015

Recently there has been quite a bit of chatter regarding the efficacy of Mold Testing Kits for home use. Mold Testing Kits are used by individuals who generally have a notion that there might be mold growth in the structure. Samples are taken similarly to that of an Industrial Hygienist insofar as taking surface samples, indoor and outdoor samples and bulk samples with higher locale specificity in the home or room(s) effected by potential Mold. The samples are then sent to a commercial laboratory and read/ resulted remotely. While some of the kits have been used have great reviews, a recent study evidences that even the best home mold testing kits have inconsistent accuracy. 

MacFawn Fire and Flood Restoration provides free home inspections of Mold prior to ANY remediation. In order to attain accurate sampling, we typically call on a local Industrial Hygienist to visit the structure and take all necessary samples (indoor and outdoor). After samples of the outside air are collected for a baseline reading of the 'norm' or standard of mold content and type, samples are also gathered from various locations throughout the structure and read immediately in a local lab. As such, for obvious reasons (such as negating the issue of transit and any damage to the sample in transit), results of the laboratory tests are highly accurate and paint a picture for us to move forward with a solid remediation plan. The inspection of mold in any given structure is as much, if not MORE important that the sampling the mold. Being able to examine the physical attributes of the mold can give a contractor a better idea of the source, patters of migration and more.