Expert Tips for Fire & Flood Restoration, Mold Remediation, Continuity Planning & More

As homeowners and building managers, you can’t always prevent a disaster, but you can be ready when one strikes. To help you prepare, restore, and, in some cases, stop damage from occurring to your home or business, we regularly share important insights on fire, water and mold hazards, as well as expert tips on continuity planning, disaster recovery plans, hurricane preparedness and more.

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Creating a Home Inventory

By taking the time to create a home inventory list, the process of producing a list of lost or damaged items to your insurance company following property damage will be a lot easier, saving you time. Having a disaster strike your home is scary and stressful enough, and there is no reason you need to…
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Flood Damage vs Water Damage

Flood Damage vs Water Damage: Know the Difference When it Comes to Insurance You may be surprised to learn that your definition of a flood and your insurance company’s definition may be different – and that difference may determine what type of insurance coverage you need for your home or practice. It could also make…
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7 Ways to Help Prevent Basement Flooding

If your basement has ever flooded, or experienced any type of water damage, you know just how stressful it can be. We have seen many different situations that have led to a wet and/or flooded basement. Most of the time you think of water damage to a home or basement coming from the outside, such…
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Hurricane Effects on Northern States

Even if a hurricane is about to make landfall in the Southern states, the Northern States in the USA need to be prepared as well. The wind and rain will span out from the storm at an incredible distance. Northern US inhabitants need to remember that weather is extremely unpredictable as well – A storm…
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Where We’ve Been and What We’ve Been Doing

NEXXUS NATIONAL CONFERENCE May 20th – 22nd, 2019 Owner – Joe MacFawn and Director of Business Development – Anna Shapiro attended the event. M&M’s – Mold & Mildew Seminar June 6, 2019 Owner – Joe MacFawn and Director of Business Development – Anna Shapiro were presenting at the event. The event was hosted by MacFawn…
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10 Things About Hurricane Preparedness They Forgot to Warn You About

Flooded waters are not safe to be in without proper protection Keep tools and wood easily accessible Stock up more water than you think you need Have a backup communication plan Keep cash on hand Flashlights instead of candles Backup all important documents During evacuations have matching outfits Keep escape items handy Have a bag…
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Smaller Storm Effects – Wind & Flooding 

When it comes to smaller storms, we all experience them whether it is at our home or business. Here are some Need to Remember Tips when facing those smaller storms! Try to keep cars parked as far away from large trees and power lines as possible, as high winds can uproot or break trees. Parking…
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Water Damage Dos & Don’t

Water damage can occur for many reasons, from sewer backups, burst pipes and broken hot water heaters to floods, storms and hurricanes. The first step should always be to contact a professional water damage restoration company, but while you’re waiting for the professionals to arrive, consider these water damage dos and don’ts. What to Do…
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