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Space Heaters Are The Worst Kind Of Fire Hazard

MacFawn Fire & Flood Restoration - Friday, January 15, 2016

Portable heaters during the winter months are commonplace in the Northeast as temperatures plummet to the sub-zeros and linger for months. However, space heaters are in fact one of the leading cause of fires during the winter months; causing on average 79% of all fatal home fires. If you should choose to use a space heater during the winter months, it is imperative that you remember to move any flammable materials, textiles or objects away from the unit. The heat that eminates from a portable heater is extensive and objects near or around the unit, all too often catch on fire without enough time to react; especially when a portable heater is left in a room unattended.

In 2007, the National Fire Protection Association reported an overwhelming 66,400 fires of which 580 lost their lives in due to portable heating units. In that year, 1850 were injured and the cost of total damages from this subtype of fires exceeded $600 million in losses. The bottom line is, turn your heat up if you are cold. Space heaters use an extraordinary amount of electricity and can lead to devastating loss that one may not ever fully recover from.