Creating a Home Inventory

Creating a Home Inventory

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By taking the time to create a home inventory list, the process of producing a list of lost or damaged items to your insurance company following property damage will be a lot easier, saving you time. Having a disaster strike your home is scary and stressful enough, and there is no reason you need to take on more emotional distress during this difficult time.


A home inventory is simply a list of everything in your home, how much each item costs and when you bought it. Take photos or video footage of every room from different angles, opening cabinets and closet doors to ensure thorough coverage. Don’t forget important items like electronics, furniture, jewelry, collectibles, etc. In addition to your photo/video footage, write down all of your valuables, room by room. What’s the easiest way to create a home inventory list? There are apps designed to help you do this, or you can use a spreadsheet or a pad of paper. Just be sure to make extra copies, storing one off-site if you will only keep a written copy.

Home Inventory Resources

If you’re new to creating/keeping a home inventory, there are many FREE resources to help guide you.

  • Online home inventory resources:
    • FDFS Homeowner’s Insurance Toolkit
      An expansive 32-page toolkit, including a checklist and essential information for navigating insurance coverage parameters and legalese.
    • Real Simple Home Inventory Worksheet
      A ‘Real Simple’ 8-page guide featuring room-by-room fill-in-the-blank charts for common inventory items.
    • Take a Home Inventory Printable
      This 5-page PDF, designed for inventory/moving, is the same one found on other major insurer websites.
  • Software
    • Know Your Stuff (III Inventory)
    • Web-based and accessible from any computer, including free, secure, off-site cloud storage.
    • Neon Sandbox
      Tracks item information, offering the unique capacity to add unlimited photos and documents (receipts, appraisals) for each item.
  • Mobile Apps
    • iOS
      • III Inventory
        • III Inventory by the Insurance Information Institute is the same as the “Know Your Stuff” online app. Store your home inventory on the secure, password-protected online server.
      • Belongings Home Inventory App with Barcode Scanner
        Scan items quickly, syncing with the “Belongings” online app for automatic backup, or exporting to Excel, PDF, or HTML.
    • Android
      • Encircle Home Inventory
        Take inventory pictures by room, syncing with the online app for off-site backup. Enter model/serial numbers to check the value of assets compared to your current insurance coverage. 
      • Magic Home Inventory
        Sort your home inventory into 15 categories, taking advantage of unique features such as sunburst chart and advanced search options.

Keep It Current

Home inventory is not a ‘one and done’ endeavor – It is important to update your home inventory list at least once a year. You never know when disaster may strike.

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Mark S.

"We were very happy with the work performed by MacFawn. The project manager was a huge help in the beginning, giving us information and assessing the issue. Then, the technician who performed the actual work was really friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. I could tell he actually cared about making sure this was all done the right way."

Weston Alexandar

"I called MacFawn last week when my basement flooded and they responded promptly; materials in hand and ready to work. They gave me a more than fair estimate of what the work would cost before they started and were in and out. They completely dried out my basement in a matter of a day or so and gave me sound advice on preventing mold growth and what to look for in the future to bypass anymore damage. I would highly recommend these folks. "

Allison Murphy

"These guys are by far the BEST in the area. I called them when I discovered my basement was full of water and they were at my house in Slingerlands in 35 minutes FLAT. Professional, courteous, knew what to do and did it quickly. After my basement was dried there were no visible signs of mold growth. They did an excellent job. I don't think I've ever had a service call show up that quickly. I would highly recommend."

Mary Becker

"My house had a great deal of damage from a storm in the capital region last year and I had NO CLUE who to call. MacFawn Fire and Flood also works with emergency storm damage apparently. A friend recommended them and once they were on the scene, everything fell into place. The owner has liaised communication with my insurance company on more than one occasion and gave me the tools I needed to stay afloat while we are out of the house during the restoration process. They were done in about 2 weeks for a job that I was initially told would take up to three months. Staff on the field are wonderful and the administrative support was second to none. I don't know what we would have done if we hadn't called these guys. There was a lot of damage that led my family into a state of panic and chaos. They helped get us out of a roach motel our insurance company placed us in and into an apartment that our insurance company paid for in full. Our lives went from being in panic to being on a stay cation while they worked on our home. I can't thank them enough for all of their support and assistance. Great crew!"

Mel Paroff

"This firm was fantastic. Their response and the quality of their work was phenomenal. I highly recommend them for any emergency service work. "

Eric Bamberg

"Literally life saving. After our home was infiltrated with toxic silica dust from a nearby construction project, MacFawn saved us. We discovered the mess after 7pm on a Friday. That night they reached out to cleaners, we had an on site quote Saturday and by sundown Sunday, our home was both clean and safe. Within a week the entire inside and outside were spotless after a window cleaning specialist came a few days after the interior clean up. The crews inside our home were kind, professional and did an excellent job!"

Elizabeth B.

"I cannot say enough about how wonderful MacFawn is. I had significant mold in my basement from a water runoff problem. CJ came very quickly, did a walk through, located the problem and told me step by step what could be done. While they could do mold remediation, the water problem that was causing it had to be dealt with. I was able to schedule an inspector and looked into estimates for a basement system. We did the mold remediation first, then the basement project. The crew of Joe, Leah, Jordan and Zach, as well as CJ and Evan, were all amazing, hardworking, punctual, professional and gracious. CJ and Evan were always on hand by text or email to answer additional questions. Evan came to my property to have a look at the project and bring the dumpster. Leah called to my attention a hole in my dryer vent, clogged with lint, that was a fire hazard, thus averting a potential tragedy. I took care of that issue immediately. After the mold project was completed, the crew picked up everything and swept my basement. No debris was left, not even in my driveway. When I had the basement system installed, those workers ran into an unforeseen problem which necessitated having three half walls of decorative brick removed. I emailed CJ about checking those areas for mold. CJ answered me within the day. No mold, fortunately. CJ and Evan actually sent Joe back out to remove some pieces of damaged wood, as well as clean and use encapsulating paint on those three areas of cinderblock, at NO additional charge. I was floored. Who does that nowadays? These individuals are a pleasure to work with, patient, professional, answered all of my questions and did a phenomenal job. They are dog-friendly, too! I felt that the information given regarding what needed to be done was accurate and honest, and their estimate was fair. There was no pressure. I am beyond grateful with the positive experience I had with MacFawn. Thank you all so much! You rock! "

Albert C.

"Great job. We had extensive insulation in the attic covered with thick dust from a very old roof replacement. Was impressed with the initial review of the problem and skill and professionalism of the staff. Also impressed with the respirators and PPE worn. The staff really took a lot of time to protect all our walls, furniture, and floors while carrying the many piles of very dusty insulation out of the home. Would definitely use this company again."