Clean Buildings Solutions

Clean Buildings Solutions is a comprehensive program that entails full service specialized restorative cleaning for commercial, industrial, institutional and medical facilities nationwide offering 90 days of protection against microbiological contaminants.

In addition to providing the Capital Region the very best in disaster restoration, water mitigation, bio-hazard cleanup and mold remediation service, we now provide global facility cleaning throughout the New England and the Northeast. We currently serve as a preferred vendor for several Tier 1 corporate entities including Price Chopper & Market 32 Supermarkets.

Clean Buildings Solutions is a program that is tailored to your facility to include floor to ceiling restorative cleaning coverage and everything in between. Working collaboratively with our affiliate companies, we provide cleaning packages that encompass carpet cleaning with hot water extraction, upholstery cleaning, workstation sanitation and more. With each package, we now include a non-toxic 100% organic electrostatic treatment to all surfaces of your facility that provides 90 days of protection against biological, fungal and viral contaminants that has been tested and re-tested at hospitals and laboratories all around the world for safety and effectiveness.

The EPA recommendation for restorative carpet cleaning in commercial spaces is at a frequency of 1-2 times annually. Our hot water extraction methods work well in removing years of buildup, while our state of the art drying technology begins drying immediately. With the resources of commercial and industrial water mitigation companies, we can offer you exponentially shorter service and drying time and guarantees that your carpet cleaning process isn’t counterproductive.

Our service is superior to commercial cleaning market competitors because most of our competitors are not well versed in property restoration. Our commercial restoration management team that oversees Clean Buildings Solutions can assess, diagnose and treat structural and interior issues. More importantly, we are versed in the myriad of underlying factors that might lead to such issues. We utilize scientific principles in our cleaning practises and can guarantee that no other service will give you the results we can and will prove it with our clearance testing. Call today to schedule a free consultation and estimate.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Fully aligned with IICRC, IFMA and proud members of New York Rug Cleaners Institute, our team of experts are certified to translate rigid industry standards into a dynamic practise that is consistent and comprehensive. Textile sanitation requires an extraordinary sense of unwavering efficacy.

We will begin with hot water extraction, removing years of dust, pollen, biological contaminants and pesticides that can build up in commercial carpets over time. Drying begins simultaneously; a preventive approach to mold growth that can occur within only hours.

Once a carpet is both clean and dry, we will finalize the process with the application of a non-toxic substrate that will serve to protect the carpet fibers for up to three months, warding off microbiological contaminants from your space. Our process has been laboratory tested and scientifically approved.

For more information or for a free consultation, Call 1-877-MACFAWN today to learn more.