Insurance Claims Service

MacFawn Fire and Flood Restoration has been serving the Northeast for nearly 30 years with prompt, agile and proficient service that ensures post-disaster recovery that is swift and in most cases, costs our customers little to nothing.

Using the latest technology in disaster recovery, including high tech equipment, sophisticated software and unrivaled skill, MacFawn Fire and Flood Restoration provides complete loss management and restoration services to residential and commercial properties Nationwide.

  • Our clients are assigned a Commercial or Domestic management team and an in house adjuster. We have substantive experience working with insurance companies and we will assist in the determination of whether a claim should be filed or not.
  • After you’ve submitted a claim to your insurance company an adjuster that represents your insurance company will be assigned to your claim.
  • It is critical that any form of loss suffered is properly documented for your claim.
  • The adjuster will review your policy and deductibles required. S/he will then evaluate the type and extent of damage sustained.
  • If a claim is deemed necessary a MacFawn Fire and Flood Restoration representative will will navigate every aspect of loss prevention for you immediately which includes not only restoration of the property, but communication and required documentation; photographic representation, digital readings and daily field notes for your insurance company.

After careful observation, assessment and analyses of damage to your property, we manage the insurance claim by working closely with their adjuster to ensure proper (and comprehensive) documentation of the damage and full extent of your loss.

Regardless of the nature of your loss; fire, water, mold, wind, storm or any other disaster restoration project, every loss is reviewed and analyzed by our team of highly trained specialists to ensure the the project is properly managed and in accordance with industry standards. We are committed to providing whatever it takes to minimize physical damage and business interruption.