Board-Up Services

In addition to providing excellent Construction and Disaster Restoration services, MacFawn Fire and Flood Restoration provides Emergency Board-Up Services immediately following a disaster event. We will assist you in the hours during and immediately following a disaster to secure your home or business and comprehensively stabilize the property. In the wake of a disaster; fire, flood, storm or other unfavorable circumstance that leaves your property vulnerable to the outdoor elements and vandalism, MacFawn Fire and Flood Restoration provides Emergency Board-Up Services preventing further damage and limiting your liability until more permanent repairs can be made.

The determination of containment type is based on the type of damage. Whether it is the roof of the building that is damaged from a storm or broken windows and structural damage from a fire, Board-Up Service will secure the structure and prevent rain and debris from damaging the interior of the building. Using tarp, plywood or shrink-wrap to secure the structure will depend on the location of damage and building materials used.

Our Board-Up Service is included in some of our more involved cleanups and restorations. This service is typical for fire damage, water damage, crime scenes and construction disasters to prevent further damage. Even if you do not select our organization to complete the full restoration, we will assist you during the hours of the emergency in order to secure your home and stabilize various aspects of the damage in preparation for your next step.