Water Damage Restoration

Our water damage restoration services include: extraction of residual water, pack-outs which entail removing furniture and other valuables to prevent further damage, drying, leak detection and restoration of the affected space. Once the damage is mitigated, the drying process begins using energy-efficient drying and state of the art dehumidification equipment.

Factors such as humidity levels both indoors and out, airflow and the composition of the wet materials determine our service approach; sometimes requiring the use of thermal heat transfer equipment in addition to standard drying equipment. We also provide comprehensive restoration services and structural repairs that result from water damage.


For large-scale disasters, MacFawn Fire and Flood Restoration has emergency stocks of Disaster Responder equipment including: dehumidifiers, fans and other equipment that is deliberately stationed and can be deployed throughout the Northeast and New England 24/7/ 365. Our Disaster Responder stocks and partner organizations give us the capacity to respond to major incidents with immediate action regardless of region-specific widespread demand for service.

We are well prepared to assume any water damage cleanup operation and minimize any secondary damage or disruption to your life and business. MacFawn Fire and Flood Restoration professionals realize the interconnectedness of every aspect of life and therefore take on a more holistic approach in our services to ease the burden of being displaced.

Water damage is a serious issue that can quickly transform into a serious health hazard. We understand the urgency of water mitigation and removal as a function of reducing structural strain and prevention of mold growth. We will to help assist with:

  • Living Accommodations
  • Medication Replacement
  • Document Replacement
  • Basic Necessities
  • Insurance Claims
Water Damage Restoration Services
  • Water Extraction
  • Leak Detection
  • Commercial Drying
  • Restorative Drying
  • Water and Flood Restoration
  • Contents Disposal
  • Contents Packout and Storage
  • Insurance Liaison Services
  • Free Estimates and Consultation
  • Emergency Boardup Services
  • On-location Carpet Drying


State of the Art Drying, Dehumidification and Cleaning Equipment

We have been serving the Capital Region for nearly 30 years. During this time, we have amassed an array of resources and equipment required for maximum efficacy in any water mitigation scenario.

  • Truck Mounted Water Pumps
  • Digital Moisture Detection
  • Ozone Decontamination Equipment
  • Dehumidification Units
  • EPA Approved Decontamination Chemicals
  • Drying Units Designed to Minimize Shrinkage*

We provide you with documentation of the damage for insurance specialists and will also communicate on your behalf to help ensure full coverage of your loss.


Walls saturated with moisture are often unstable and are at risk of collapsing. Standing water will undoubtedly lead to mold and fungal growth. Water mitigation entails a systematic drying process utilizing a series of steps:

  • Pack Out and Peel Back
  • Contents Cleaning and Restoration
  • Properly Dry Floors/ Sub-floors
  • Provide On-Location Carpet Drying
  • Inhibit Mold Growth
  • Properly Dry Furnishings

During the drying process which typically takes 3-5 days our technicians will start with a Pack Out if necessary, sorting through damaged property to establish what items can be salvaged. Once this has been determined, the salvageable items are cleaned and restored. Once this process is completed, our technicians perform a Peel Back which allows us to isolate the source of damage. Water has a propensity to move in a downward directional course and is often hidden within walls, floors and ceilings. The Peel Back process is an invaluable process that ensures that the house is dry and mold risk is truly mitigated. We utilize highly specialized drying and complex cleaning equipment to clean and dry the interior space and once it is completely dry, we complete the process of restoration.